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Awards 2024

The SCF Community Awards are back! Submissions will open on 1st May 2024.

Nov, 18 2024 🠒 Nov, 25 2024

Supply Chain Finance Awards 2024

We are thrilled to announce the return of the SCF Community Awards! This is an excellent opportunity for your company to be recognized as a leader in the field of supply chain finance and its solutions.

Through these awards, we aim to promote the widespread adoption of supply chain finance across various industries and acknowledge the outstanding achievements of the best in the business.

By participating, accepted nominees will have the chance to share their success stories through follow-up interviews conducted by the SCF Community Board and jury members.

Please note that all industry categories are open for corporate nominations only, with the exception of the SCF Innovation Award, which will be awarded to the provider demonstrating the most innovative SCF practices. Additionally, the SCF Leader of the Year Award will honour a leader (corporate/provider/academic) who has made exceptional contributions to the SCF industry.

All corporates with accepted nominations will automatically be nominated for the ESG and Gold Awards.

Do you have any questions about the event? Check out the FAQ here or use the Contact Form on our website to get in touch with us.

We eagerly anticipate your nominations and the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of exceptional leaders in the supply chain finance industry.


Check out all our categories!


Excellence in Approved Payable Financing

Awarded to the corporate with the best approved payable financing programme. This award recognizes large conventional reverse factoring programs that excel in onboarding, currency/country coverage, invoice approval time, and more. Apply now!

Innovation in Approved Payable Financing

Awarded to the corporate with the most innovative approved payable financing programme. This category is for new programs, fresh ideas, and innovative approaches to reverse factoring that are pushing the boundaries of the industry. Apply now!

Best ESG Approved Payable Financing

Does your SCF programme include elements of sustainability, inclusion of minorities and SME’s and has good corporate governance? This category is for you. Awarded to the corporate with the best ESG based finance practices. Submit your application now!

Best working capital programme

Awarded to the corporate with best working capital programme. Open to programs not focused on approved payables, this category shines a spotlight on innovation and new ideas in working capital management, excluding reverse factoring. Submit your application now!

Special Awards

SCF Gold Award

Do you have a well-designed financial plan that works toward the benefits of your company and your suppliers? This award might be for you. Awarded to the corporate with the best all-around SCF practices.

SCF Innovation

Awarded to the provider with the best and most innovative supply chain finance practices. Submit your application now!

SCF Leader of the Year

Awarded to the person who has made an outstanding contribution to the developments of supply chain finance. Submit your application now!


The SCF Awards have been a long-standing feature of the Supply Chain Finance Community, where we celebrate exceptional strides made by companies in the field of Supply Chain Finance.

The entry form should take about 15 mins to complete. You will need information about the company as well as general information about the project, its aims, metrics, success, supplier onboarding, feedback, internal contributions to the project, innovative aspects, auditing, accounting treatments, etc. Please have this information ready when you fill out the form.

You can directly fill in the application forms here. You can upload supporting documents or send them via email to

If you want to look at the questions beforehand, you can access the PDF version of the application form HERE. Please note that the official application only goes through the forms on the website!

If you require further details or have questions please contact us at

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