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Long tail win – the challenge of small suppliers in SCF

Ultimately, using differences in power or knowledge to push a large group of small suppliers into a programme might be surely tempting, from a buyer perspective. In the long term it will cause ripples in the relationship and, ultimately, might cause more harm than good.

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The tail end dilemma: How does everyone win in SCF? – Puma

Frank Waechter (Puma) and Christiaan de Goeij (Windesheim University of Applied Sciences) discuss with Luca Gelsomino (SCF Community) the aspect of sustainability in relation to supply chain finance, among them the challenges and opportunities in their experiences. They touched upon the importance of adopting supply chain finance, incorporating SMEs and other suppliers, and realising the best solutions for both buyer and suppliers especially from a sustainability perspective.

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Regulatory headwinds for SCF

Many words have already been spent (at least within the SCF industry) on the upcoming changes to the accounting standards for reporting on Supplier Financing programme.

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Our story
Our story
Our story

Our story

The Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Community is an independent global community consisting of knowledge institutions, corporations, and supply chain finance professionals who share best practice and new research in an open, collaborative environment. In nine years the Community has become truly global.

The aim of the SCF Community is to promote and accelerate the understanding, development and implementation of supply chain finance models. Its founder members are leading business schools supported by corporations, banks, consultancies and technology vendors.

In 2013 the SCF Community held its first conference at Nyenrode Business University in The Netherlands. Since then, the SCF Community Forum has evolved into an annual event that brings together more than 200 participants from corporates, business schools, banks, technology firms and governments. At the same time, the Community itself has expanded to include SCF practitioners all over the world.

From 2016 the SCF Community’s activities have expanded to include a global awards scheme, enhanced digital resources and events in both Europe, Asia and the United States of America. Today the SCF Community supports research projects conducted by institutions connected with us and endorses several SCF initiatives such as the Special Interest Group and partners with SCF ventures like the Spark! Living Lab.

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