Our SCF FCI Research Symposium in Seoul

Johanna Tammik

date: July 4, 2024

On June 12th, the SCF FCI Research Symposium "Financing the Supply Chain" took place at the FCI 56th Annual Meeting in Seoul, South Korea, featuring insightful presentations and networking opportunities for supply chain professionals. Highlights included sessions on SCF instruments and trends, industry case studies by Michiel Steeman, and Rea Bosco Vaz's discussions on supply chain resilience and investment needs. The event concluded with an interactive networking session.

On June 12th, the SCF FCI Research Symposium on “Financing the Supply Chain” took place at the esteemed FCI 56th Annual Meeting in Seoul, South Korea. This event brought together a vibrant community of supply chain researchers and professionals for a day of insightful presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities.

The day began with a joint presentation by Michiel Steeman, Professor of Supply Chain Finance at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and Co-Founder of the Supply Chain Finance Community, and Rea Bosco Vaz, a researcher at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and Head of Product and Market at the SCF Community. Together, they delivered an informative session on “Supply Chain Finance : an Introduction” covering the basics of SCF, the history of how it was developed, the nuances of it application, SCF instruments and the latest trends and developments in the field. Then Michiel continued with discussing case studies involving industry giants such as Puma, Heineken, and Philips, offering practical insights into the application of SCF principles. He gave insight into the innovative use of supply chain finance, the types of products and the impact for different parts of the supply chain across the world. Michiel also opened up space for discussion and questions from the audience about these tools, their use and key takeaways from the use cases.

Following Michiel’s engaging session, Rea Bosco Vaz, delivered her presentation on “CRM Triple Point: Balancing Geology, Supply Chain Resilience, and the Needs of a Broader Society.” Rea highlighted key industrial challenges including risk assessments, time lag in decisions, inventory issues, scarcity, price volatility, and the properties of minerals which make them difficult to substitute. She also emphasised the critical need for increased investments in the sector to address these challenges.

The symposium concluded with an interactive session, fostering lively discussions among attendees and providing a platform for networking and the exchange of ideas.

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