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SCF Corporate Event Netherlands

There have been few occasions in history that were so uncertain and volatile as the present. To safely navigate these hard times, the imperative of integration is now unavoidable. Resilience of global value chain relies on the appropriate use of technology and financial resources.

We discussed several topics like this during our event at Nyenrode Business School, in the Netherlands, bringing the experience of large-scale projects involving hundredths of businesses. Let's make our value chains future-proof.

The event was held on Wednesday, November 2, 2022, at Nyenrode Business University, Netherlands.

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Luca Gelsomino
TOPIC: Findings and Conclusions

Luca Gelsomino is an Assistant Professor at the University of Groningen and the Academic Director of the SCF Community. In this role, he oversees the Community’s research projects, international network, and publication strategy.

His teaching interests include supply chain management, financial analysis, and Supply Chain Finance. He holds a Ph.D. with merit from the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano (Italy), on the topic of measuring the financial performance of supply chains. While working for the School of Management, he directed the School’s permanent research program on Supply Chain Finance. His research focuses on the relationship between physical and financial supply chains.

Christiaan de Goeij
TOPIC: Order to Cash

He is a researcher and lecturer in Supply Chain Finance at Windesheim University. He is the author of 15+ successful subsidy plans, among which ‘The Logistic Service Provider as a Financial Service Provider’ (895,000 euros), ‘Blockchain and the Effects on SMEs in the Supply Chain’ (300,000 euros), Supply Chain Risk Management for SMEs (300,000 euros).

Christiaan is the project manager of projects such as ‘Supply Chain Risk Management for SMEs’, ‘Pre-Shipment and In-Transit Supply Chain Finance’, Order-to-Cash Process Optimization for SMEs’ and ‘Supply Chain Finance for SMEs’. He won RAAK-Audience Award for best applied research in The Netherlands with the project ‘Supply Chain Finance for SMEs’.

Dale Rogers
TOPIC: Risk and resilience

Dale Rogers is a Professor of Business at the Arizona State University for over 13 years. He has previously worked at Rutgers Business school as the Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Prof. Dr. Rogers has worked as a researcher for over 30 years in the fields of logistics and supply chain management and is vastly experienced in the field. He serves on the US Board of the SCF Community.

Ronald de Boer
TOPIC: Risk and resilience

Ronald works as Associate Professor of the research group Strategic Collaboration at Windesheim University. His research covers the areas of Supply Chain Management as well as Supply Chain Finance with a special interest in bridging the physical and the financial supply chains, Supply Chain Resilience and circular supply chains.

He has led several large research programs with international renown universities and large corporations (such as Scania, Philips, Unilever and Heineken). Ronald also provides training with serious business games, such as The Cool Connection and The Blue Connection.

Victor van der Hulst
TOPIC: Future (bitcoin, Spark!)

He is the Program Manager at Spark! the largest living lab in the Netherlands, where he is responsible for the blockchain projects within the professorship Supply Chain Finance. The projects aim to explore and improve data sharing challenges that SMEs are currently facing in their supply chains by bridging the gap between the information, finance and physical flows.

Tim Stekkinger
TOPIC: Inventory Financing

Tim works as a General Manager at DSV. He is heading the Financial Services department that globally offers fully digital Trade Finance solutions to internal and external customers.

He is responsible for overseeing sales, marketing, operations, risk, IT, product development and the worldwide roll-out of our their in-house developed product “DSV Supply Chain Finance”.

Michiel Steeman
TOPIC: Sustainability Inflation & Panel Moderator

Michiel Steeman was selected in 2013 as the inaugural holder of the Supply Chain Finance Professorship at the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. He is also the founder and chairman of the Supply Chain Finance Community that has already brought together over 30 leading business schools from more than 20 countries around the world who actively collaborate with companies, banks and governments in the developing field of Supply Chain Finance.

Viktor Elliot
TOPIC: Sustainability Inflation – changing cost of money on existing programs

Viktor is a Senior Lecturer at the Business, Economics and Law Department of the University of Gothenburg. He is also the Director of the Business IT Lab (Bitlab) at the University of Gothenburg, supporting education about digitalisation.

Michiel Deurwaarder
TOPIC: Panel Discussion

Michiel Deurwaarder ( 1962) is Vattenfall’s leading  finance procurement specialist and is the driving force in the roll out and expansion of the company’s successful supply chain finance program. Previous to that he has initiated and executed the sale of underperforming receivables in Vattenfall’s core countries. Michiel holds an MSc from the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam’s School of Business and Economics and combines extensive experience in procurement of financial and marketing services with senior marketing roles in B2B and B2C marketing for blue chip brands such as PWC and KLM. He is a strong believer in keeping things simple, an ambition that he advocates at supplier meetings, but also in discussions on themes such as legal payment term reductions.

Bart Ras
TOPIC: Panel discussion

I bring a unique entrepreneurial and globally-focused approach to working capital, trade finance, and treasury solutions. Combining over 20 years of experience in different environments and industries. Often bringing innovative and non-traditional new propositions to the marketplace.
I want to assemble, educate and inspire people who strive to understand and facilitate the development of exponentially advancing improvements in order to address grand challenges. I like to contribute to ground-breaking solutions in my field of excellence aimed at solving clients’ most pressing challenges.
Previously, I worked at HSBC as Global Head of Business Development and held senior positions at Citi Bank, Philips NV, and ING Bank. Whilst part of the Dutch rowing team I co-founded one of the first internet companies in the Netherlands in the early 90s.

Maxime Bouillon
TOPIC: Future (bitcoin, Spark!)

Whether in the automotive industry working in continuous improvement, as a social entrepreneur in Amsterdam, or teacher and coordinator of a living lab for a university, my most significant interest has always been to lead individual and organisational processes through changes and improvements. Since 2014, I took part in projects around Europe. I successfully adapted myself and my skills to every challenge I faced, enjoying the process even more as the topics grew in complexity. As a social entrepreneur, I joined, designed, or helped countless initiatives, projects, and workshops on topics as diverse as waste management, cryptocurrencies, renewable energies, or alternative education. As a volunteer for a social entrepreneurship organisation, I joined several teams, both locally and globally. Together we created citizen learning and engagement programs, re-designed global community values, helped local social entrepreneurs solve practical challenges, and did a lot more, the possibilities being quite infinite when joining such an organisation. During the last year, firstly member and then coordinator of a living lab, I onboarded, guided, and facilitated the processes of students solving challenges proposed by supply chain companies, making our innovation process more fitting to the needs of the different stakeholders involved. I particularly enjoyed the human aspect of my missions, using my soft skills extensively to make sure I led all my tasks and projects with respect, integrity, and openness for all parts involved.

Gerhard Schipp
TOPIC: Panel discussion

Gerhard Schipp is Commerzbank´s Head of Product Management Trade & Supply Chain Finance, located in Frankfurt. He has more than 25 years of experience in corporate banking with different sales, relationship, and management functions, always focusing on international transaction banking and international trade finance. In his current role, he is responsible for the supply chain finance activities of Commerzbank AG including the further development of new trade finance instruments like the Bank Payment Obligation and other innovative solutions supporting the digitization of the trade finance ecosystem. He is also responsible for Commerzbank´s trade risk distribution business buying and selling trade-related assets. Gerhard has been a speaker on international business and trade finance topics for many years at conferences and events of Commerzbank.

Ernesto Vila
TOPIC: Panel discussion

Experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the Global Logistics industry. Skilled in Distribution Logistics, Freight Transportation, Ocean Transportation, and Software as a Service (SaaS). Strong business development professional, graduated from Saïd Business School, the University of Oxford on Blockchain.


SCF Corporate Event Netherlands


Registration & Welcome coffee


Event Introduction
The Future of SCF is connected to the future of Supply Chains
SPEAKER: Michiel Steeman

Main programme

Physical flow
Risk and resilience
SPEAKER: Dale Rogers
Risk and resilience
SPEAKER: Ronald de Boer
Order to cash
SPEAKER: Christiaan de Goeij
Information flow
Future (bitcoin, Spark!)
SPEAKERS: Victor van der HulstMaxime Bouillon
Financial flow
Sustainability Inflation – changing cost of money on existing programs
SPEAKERS: Michiel SteemanViktor Elliot
Inventory financing
SPEAKER: Tim Stekkinger
Bringing it all together
Panel discussion
SPEAKERS: Moderator: Michiel SteemanPanelist: Bart RasPanelist: Michiel DeurwaarderPanelist: Gerhard SchippErnesto Vila


Findings & Conclusion
Bring back all the subjects to their link with sustainability
SPEAKERS: Luca GelsominoMichiel Steeman
Networking & Lunch

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Amsterdam, Netherlands