Supply Chain Finance Barometer 2018/2019

Author(s): W. Extra, R. Kortman, D. Siemes, R. Corten, L. Monagan, F. Caniato, L. Gelsomino, A. Moretto, A. Bonzani, A. Ronchini,


The SCF Barometer is a joint initiative of the Supply Chain Finance Community and PwC. It is a survey aimed at mid to large corporations that investigate the current market situation and awareness of SCF, drivers, critical factors in the adoption, and, overall, trends and expectations of practitioners in this industry.

2018-2019 is the third edition of the report. It provides an extremely useful ‘snapshot’ based on those actually planning or operating SCF programs enabling us to reflect where the Supply Chain Finance industry has come from, its current reality, and highlights the factors, which will influence and shape the industry’s future direction. It reinforces the feeling of centrality of the Supply Chain Finance industry in enabling the development of financially sustainable supply chains and networks.

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