SCF Corporate Event Singapore

Post-event survey (Singapore 2023)

Please, use the form below to fill in the post-event survey for the SCF Corporate Event Singapore. Thank you for providing your input and feedback!

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How did you like Dr. Robert De Souza's presentation on "De-risking Supply Chains: Strategic Perspective"?(Required)
How did you like Kavickumar Muruganathan's presentation on "Financing sustainable chains in the age of disruptive technology"?(Required)
How did you like Yan Xin's presentation on "The impact of repayment willingness on supply chain finance risk management in the context of blockchain"?(Required)
How did you like Luca Gelsomino's presentation on "SCF Legislation and Governance"?(Required)
How did you like Jens Rutenkröger's presentation on "A trustworthy blockchain application for supply chain transparency"?(Required)
How did you like Sanjay Desai's presentation on "SCF and Future Developments"?(Required)
How did you like Steven Beck's presentation on "Deep-tier Supply Chain Finance"?(Required)
How did you like the panel discussion on "Resilience in the supply chain management flow model"?(Required)
How did you like Michael Hamman's presentation on "Revolutionising SCF: A transformational journey from traditional to dynamic early payment solutions"?(Required)


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