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SCF Corporate Event Germany

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There have been few occasions in history which were so uncertain and volatile as the present. To safely navigate these challenging times, the imperative of integration is now unavoidable. The resilience of the global value chain relies on the appropriate use of technology and financial resources.

Join us as we get together to learn about the latest discoveries in the field of Supply Chain Finance and the associated technologies. Hear from fellow corporates about innovative business cases. Learn about the newest developments from leading researchers and academics. You will also have a chance to network with the best in the industry.

The SCF Corporate event will take place in Munich, Germany on April 25th, 2023 from 10:00 to 16:00 CEST, including a provided lunch, and closing drinks.

NB! The event is entirely physical with no option of joining remotely/online!

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Take a look at the highlights video of the event in Munich.


Luca Gelsomino
TOPIC: SCFC Research Presentation; Findings and Conclusion

Luca Gelsomino is the Academic Director of the Supply Chain Finance Community and an Assistant Professor at the University of Groningen. He has been a senior researcher at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences since 2016.

Dr. Gelsomino’s research focuses on supply chain finance, especially in studying the interface between finance, logistics and supply chain management, the involvement of Logistics Service Providers in supply chain finance and the role of technology in innovating the supply chain finance market.

Michael Henke
TOPIC: Fraunhofer IML Research; Keynote Speaker

I am interested in business contacts, exchange of experience and information, logistics networks, business networking, projects in research and industry, impulses in Management of Industrie 4.0 and Platform Economy, Blockchain and Smart Contracts, Financial Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Risk Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Supply Management.

Friedemann Kirchhof
TOPIC: Siemens' journey with the new disclosure regulations

Friedemann Kirchhof has worked in Finance for over 10 years and he became Head of Supply Chain Finance at Siemens around three years ago. Throughout these years he gained a lot of experience in working with proprietary bank solutions and fintechs.

Pietro Solazzo
TOPIC: The Future of SCF

Pietro was at the forefront of developing support for the supply chain area, pioneering innovative solutions that contribute to the business. He is a Corporate Finance Manager at DB Schenker.

Michael Hamann
TOPIC: Revolutionising SCF: A transformational journey from traditional to dynamic early payment solutions

Michael manages BT Sourced’s Professional Services Team and drives the adoption of emerging, AI-based technologies to boost the effectiveness of BT’s procurement processes. He is at the forefront of implementing BT’s supply chain financing program and building an ecosystem around it.

Stephan Dellermann
TOPIC: Supplier Care Law

Stephan Dellermann is Partner at the Frankfurt office of goetzpartners and is focusing on operational Working Capital Management improvements. He is the author of numerous scientific publications and acted as a speaker at several conferences.

Jens Noffke
TOPIC: Sustainability-linked SCF Solution

Jens is leading Working Capital & Cash Flow improvement projects within Roche’s Global Procurement organization. His career started 20 years ago in Group Treasury at Roche’s HQ in Switzerland and he relocated to the US in 2012, following Roche’s acquisition of Genentech. Jens graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz, Germany with a degree in finance & controlling.

Anil Walia
TOPIC: Panelist

Anil Walia is Director, Deutsche Bank’s Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Payables in EMEA. After completing his Masters in Plasma Physics a few decades ago, Anil took the not-so-obvious career decision in banking. The journey took him through India, the Middle East and finally to Germany. Along the way he has headed sales for trade finance and gained experience at various stages in his career in the south-east Asian, eastern European and European markets. He picked up an MBA in financial management on the way. Anil Walia is a supply chain finance veteran, who got his wings in the fledgling days of SCF in 2000 at JP Morgan. He has been a key contributor to the growth of SCF, as technology and documentation evolved, accompanying the first transactions that took place in Europe. Anil was elected in 2015 to the Who’s Who in Treasury & Cash Management for Supply Chain Finance. Anil is a regular with the press through several articles & interviews. Anil is passionate about the environment, and has devoted a major part of this year in bringing to the market sustainability-linked financing structures in supply chain finance.


SCF Corporate Event Germany


Registration & Welcome


SPEAKER: Luca Gelsomino

Main programme

Keynote Speaker
KEYNOTE: Michael Henke
SCF Today and Tomorrow
Case Study 1:The Future of SCF
SPEAKER: Pietro Solazzo
SCF Today and Tomorrow
Case Study 2: Siemens' journey with the new disclosure regulations
SPEAKER: Friedemann Kirchhof
Coffee Break
SCF Innovation and Technology
Research Presentation 1: Supply Chain Finance between emerging technologies, new business models, geopolitical risks and ESG-requirements
SPEAKER: Fraunhofer IML
SCF Innovation and Technology
Case Study 3: Revolutionising SCF: A transformational journey from traditional to dynamic early payment solutions
SPEAKER: Michael Hamman
Network Lunch
SCF Legislation and Governance
Research Presentation 2: SCF Governance and Disclosure
SPEAKER: Luca Gelsomino
SCF Legislation and Governance
Information Presentation: Supplier Care Law
SPEAKER: Stephan Dellerman
SCF Legislation and Governance
Panel Discussion: Supplier Care Law
SPEAKERS: Stephan DellermanAnil WaliaMichael HamannFriedemann KirchhofPietro SolazzoLuca Gelsomino
SCF Legislation and Governance
Case Study 4: Sustainability-linked SCF Solution
SPEAKER: Jens Noffke


Conclusion and closing
Next Steps in SCF - takeaways
SPEAKER: Luca Gelsomino
Network drinks

Do you have any questions about the event? Check out the FAQs here or use the Contact Form on our website.


Take a look at the highlights video from the event in Munich.


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