The Winners of this year’s SCF Awards 2023

Rea Bosco Vaz

date: December 4, 2023

An overview of the Winners of our SCF Global Awards 2023.

Amidst an array of impressive entries, select honorees distinguished themselves by exemplifying the pinnacle of SCF practices, often for shared reasons. Award recipients demonstrated an unwavering commitment to supporting suppliers and partners, particularly during economically challenging periods, showcasing resilience and adaptability. Their pioneering spirit was evident through innovative program structures that pushed the boundaries of conventional practices, introducing novel approaches tailored to their respective sectors or markets. 

Cellnex scores Gold for Technology and Telecom with sustainable financing through collaborative excellence 

Cellnex has emerged triumphant not only in the Technology and Telecom category but also secured the prestigious Gold Award at the Supply Chain Finance Awards 2023. Their remarkable SCF initiative aimed at transitioning local suppliers to sustainable financing while emphasizing effective collaboration among various internal departments—sales, legal, procurement, treasury, and more—has been acknowledged. This program stands out for its effective engagement with multiple stakeholders, aligning strategic goals with an eye on sustainability. The initiative’s focus on facilitating sustainable financial practices across their local supplier base underscores Cellnex’s commitment to fostering a responsible and efficient supply chain in the technology and telecom sector. 

Eni Group secures this year’s ESG Award with its groundbreaking approach to sustainable supply chain practices 

Eni emerges as the winner of the prestigious ESG Award at the Supply Chain Finance Awards 2023, marking a significant achievement in its groundbreaking approach to sustainable supply chain practices. Eni’s unparalleled success lies in the establishment of the OPEN-ES platform, a collaborative international initiative formed in partnership with various entities to evaluate the sustainability quotient of supply chain firms, emphasizing the support extended to SMEs for enhancing their sustainability performance. Their innovative Sustainable SCF program blends financial assistance provided to suppliers through the confirming solution with ESG scoring conducted via the OPEN-ES platform, offering preferential rates to high-performing suppliers. Notably, what sets Eni apart is the integration of ESG assessments into SCF—a departure from conventional models—by actively engaging in the creation and promotion of the assessment platform. Eni’s proactive involvement before intertwining it with the SCF program demonstrates a pioneering synergy, underscoring its commitment to fostering sustainability across the supply chain. 

Cepsa wins the Energy category for pioneering payment excellence across markets 

The Spanish oil and gas company, Cepsa, has won the Energy category of the Supply Chain Finance Awards 2023. Their commendable SCF program, distinguished by its substantial scale encompassing 6000 suppliers and exceeding Eur 6.5 billion, showcased an innovative use of Santander’s payment tools across diverse countries and currencies. Despite the emphasis on innovative payment methods and automation, there’s a notable focus on working capital enhancement within their dynamic discounting framework. 

Omnia tops Manufacturing for a successful SCF program that transformed the dynamics of supply chain operations  

Omnia’s victory in the Manufacturing category at the Supply Chain Finance Awards 2023 underscores their remarkable achievements and pioneering efforts in supply chain finance. Their SCF program exhibited a robust and conventional setup, leveraging the company’s strong ratings to alleviate high-interest costs charged by suppliers while offering flexible payment terms. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and a paperless solution, Omnia demonstrated a clear commitment to innovation, streamlining operations and contributing to improved cash flow management. As the winner in the Manufacturing category, Omnia’s program exemplifies a strategic and effective approach to supply chain financing, solidifying their status as an industry leader in driving innovation and efficiency in manufacturing supply chains. 

Roche is Highly Commended for their impactful efforts and commitment to social responsibility 

Roche also stood out in the Manufacturing category, being highly commended by the judges for their impactful efforts and commitment to social responsibility within their SCF program. Renowned for their socially responsible and sustainable initiatives, Roche’s SCF project stands out for its focus on designing products with a strong emphasis on social support, a unique and commendable aspect of their program. By addressing critical social aspects beyond the conventional environmental concerns, Roche showcased a forward-thinking approach, setting a benchmark for innovative and socially conscious supply chain practices. This recognition highlights Roche’s dedication to incorporating essential social elements into their supply chain financing, earning them high commendation in the Manufacturing category. 

Barloworld Equipment wins the Building and Construction category with a lightning-fast SCF success 

Barloworld Equipment has won first place in the Building and Construction category for the SCF Community’s Supply Chain Finance Awards 2023. Recognized for its exceptional accomplishments, Barloworld Equipment’s triumph in this category underscores its remarkable achievement in swiftly establishing an outstanding Supply Chain Finance (SCF) program. The company’s ability to align swiftly and efficiently onboard a significant supplier within a remarkably short time frame is a testament to its unparalleled commitment and agility in the realm of SCF. This well-deserved victory positions Barloworld Equipment as a true trailblazer, setting a new standard for excellence within the construction and building sector in the arena of supply chain finance. 

Britannia Industries Limited secures the win in the FMCG and Retail category with a program that prioritizes the often-overlooked downstream supply chain and distributors  

Britannia Industries has emerged triumphant in the FMCG and Retail category of the Supply Chain Finance Awards 2023. Their exemplary SCF program, tailored specifically for the downstream supply chain and often-neglected distributors, stood out among the impressive nominees. Britannia Industries’ dedication to addressing these crucial aspects within the supply chain proved pivotal in securing this well-deserved recognition. Their innovative approach and commitment to enhancing supply chain dynamics have set a high standard in the industry, marking them as true leaders in the field. 

MedSource Group is Highly Commended with and SCF program focused on inventory enhancement and financing 

MedSource Group also stood out in the FMCG and Retail category, being highly commended by the judges. MedSource Group’s commendation is a testament to their dedication and innovation in supply chain finance. Their noteworthy SCF program, which centered on inventory enhancement and financing, showcased substantial improvements in their business model, specifically in purchasing, automation, and operational efficiency. While not securing the top award, MedSource Group’s strategic approach and impactful implementation in the FMCG and Retail sector have earned them a well-deserved commendation, signifying their excellence and commitment within the industry. 

PrimaTrade receives Innovation Award for their revolutionary SCF solution  

PrimaTrade receives our special Innovation Award for revolutionizing supply chain finance solutions. Their standout feature involves seamlessly merging a supply chain information-sharing platform with a finance solution, creating a robust synergy. Through comprehensive document integration – covering trade, compliance, commercial, and ESG aspects from suppliers – they facilitate real-time transaction monitoring. Notably, their system generates Irrevocable Payment Undertakings (IPU) upon shipment, enabling partial advance financing and risk management. PrimaTrade’s platform offers integration with buyer ERPs and inclusivity for SME suppliers, redefining supply chain finance dynamics. 

Stay tuned for further insights into each of our winning cases in the upcoming weeks.

Category: Technology & Telecom 

Winner: Cellnex 

Partner: Santander S.A. 

Category: Energy 

Winner: Cepsa 

Partner: Santander S.A. 

Category: FMCG & Retail 

Winner: Britannia Industries Limited 

Partner: Arteria Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

Highly Commended: MedSource Group 

Category: Manufacturing 

Winner: Omnia 

Partner: Addendum Financial Technologies 

Highly Commended: Roche 

Partner: Deutsche Bank AG 

Category: Building & Construction 

Winner: Barloworld Equipment 

Partner: Addendum Financial Technologies 

ESG Award 

Winner: Eni Group 

Partner: Findynamic 

Gold Award 

Winner: Cellnex 

Partner: Santander S.A. 

Innovation Award 

Winner: PrimaTrade 

Leader of the Year Award 

Winner: Peter Mulroy 

Rea Bosco Vaz

Rea Bosco Vaz is the Head of Product and Market for the SCF Community and a researcher at the Faculty of Supply Chain Finance at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, in the Netherlands. Her research currently focuses on combining the fields of geosciences and SCF through the subject of critical raw materials (CRM). Rea also works for the SCF Community on events, marketing and as a liaison to finance and tech providers in the SCF industry.