About us

The Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Community is an independent global community consisting of knowledge institutions, corporations, and supply chain finance professionals who share best practice and new research in an open, collaborative environment. In nine years the Community has become truly global. 

The aim of the SCF Community is to promote and accelerate the understanding, development and implementation of supply chain finance models. Its founder members are leading business schools supported by corporations, banks, consultancies and technology vendors.

Today the SCF Community supports research projects conducted by institutions connected to the Community and endorses several SCF initiatives like the Special Interest Group (SIG). From 2016 the SCF Community’s activities have expanded to include a global awards scheme, enhanced digital resources and events in Europe, Asia and the US.
The SCF Community is a not-for-profit institution managed by an executive board consisting of leading professionals and scientists in the field of supply chain finance.

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Advisory Board

Alexander van den Heuvel


Douglas Schoch


Michiel Deurwaarder


Kjetil Haugen


Jeffrey Thompson


Jelle Goossens

Barry Callebaut Group

Eduardo Garrido


Martin Schlageter


Vilhelm Otterheim

ICA Gruppen

Scholtz Fourie

Tourvest Travel Services

Patrik Marklund

Volvo Car Group

EU Board Members

Prof. Dr. Federico Caniato


Prof. Dr. Michiel Steeman


Prof. Dr. Erik Hofmann

Prof. Dr. Ir. Pieter Klapwijk


Prof. Dr. Robert Alard

Prof. Dr. Michael Henke

Dr. Viktor Elliot

Hervé Hillion

Dr. Simon Templar


US Board Members

Prof. Dale Rogers

Ass. Prof. Rudolf Leuschner

Prof. Wendy Tate

Prof. Thomas Choi

Management Team

Dr. Luca Mattia Gelsomino

Academic Director

Angelica Parra Cuadros

Head of External Relations & Community Enhancement

Rea Bosco Vaz

Head of Product and Market